Privacy Information

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This statement discloses the privacy practices for the entire Web site.
Cortex-Vertical may capture implicit information from users who visit our Web site for aggregate statistical analysis and site customization. Implicit information is data that we can gather about the user without asking them. Importantly, aggregate statistical analysis means that Cortex-Vertical reviews trends based on information as a whole, but does not do so in an effort to identify the individual identity of the visitor to its site.

IP addresses may be logged to track a user's session. When we "log" an IP address, it means that our Web site associates a visit or series of visits to that unique numerical identity. Cortex-Vertical also uses cookies in order to assist in aggregate statistical analysis. In other words, Cortex-Vertical uses cookies to determine trends for users as a whole, but not as means to learn about your individual identity. Cookies, by themselves, cannot be used to determine the actual identity of users. Because of this, if Cortex-Vertical customizes the site based on cookies, we won't know who you are unless you tell us.

Cortex-Vertical uses links throughout its web site to provide a visitor with the opportunity to contact us via email for a variety of purposes (including business development and human resource inquires). Cortex-Vertical may file information from emails, review and discard the information, and share this information with third parties.