Software Development

Processing and communicating information effectively is at the heart of what we do best. By leveraging our expertise in creative design, communications and information technology, Cortex-Vertical has developed powerful, web-enabled software that can provide real, tangible value to your organization.

Specifically developed for small to mid-size businesses, we've harnessed the power of Microsoft's standard server software, to provide robust, flexible, intranet portals with the functionality of large-scale corporate applications.

The result—the CoreContent Portal ™, a turn-key system that provides employees with web-enabled corporate information, corporate e-mail, and seamless access to network resources—all in a simple, unified interface. The return on investment? Employees armed with the power to share information efficiently, and the tools to do their job quickly and more effectively—no matter where they are.

Contact us to find out how the CoreContent portal can produce tangible results for your organization, and provide long-term support your business.